Terms and rules

.SE Direkt’s terms for domain name administration apply when registering a .se domain . Always thoroughly read the terms before you register a new domain name. The terms address such issues as:

  • Anyone can register a .se domain provided that it is available, is not on IIS’s list of blocked names and does not contravene Swedish law. You can check whether a domain is available here.
  • The first come, first serve principle applies.
  • A .se domain must have at least two and not more than 63 characters.
  • A .se domain can comprise the letters a-z, å, ä, ö, é and ü, the numbers 0-9, hyphens and characters that are found in the official Swedish minority languages or in the languages of our neighboring Nordic countries.
  • The domain holder must provide a working e-mail address and complete contact information.
  • The chosen name may not contravene any laws or infringe on anyone else’s rights, such as a brand.

Integrity policy for .SE Direkt

For domain holders information regarding the processing of your personal data you leave in connection with registration of domain name is described in
.SE Direkt´s integrity policy.

Terms and Conditions of registration applicable for the top-level domain .se

You can read IIS’s (The Internet Foundation In Sweden) registration terms here, which apply for all holders of .se domains.


Blocked and reserved domain names

There are a number of categories of domain names that have been blocked or reserved by IIS. Here you can download a text file with a list of all blocked and reserved domain names.

Certain domain names are completely blocked for registration, while others are reserved for authorized applicants.

The following combinations are also blocked but not presented on the list:

  • All numerical combinations in the xxxxxx-xxxx format that constitute or could constitute a personal identity number.
  • The numerical series 900 000 – 909 000 with the formats 90xxxx-x or 90x-xxxx.
  • 90 000 for emergency calls.
  • For technical reasons, domain names that begin with two characters followed by two hyphens are also blocked.