The cost of registering a new .se domain with .SE Direkt is SEK 216 excluding VAT (SEK 270 including VAT).

If you have chosen the multi-year payment option, the price increases will apply from the end of the billing period for the years you have selected.

When registering a new domain name, the registration fee and annual fee are paid by credit/debit card. We do not offer invoicing.

Choose multi-year payments

You can opt to pay the annual fee for several consecutive years and during the registration process, indicate the number of years for which you would like to pay in advance. You can choose between one and ten years.

.SE Direkt – We do not offer any web hosting services

We do not offer any additional services, such as web hosting services, e-mail or the like. Read more about how to get started with your domain here. Accordingly, the annual fee that you pay us does not include the services that you maintain with other service providers and that could be used with your domain name – for your website and e-mail, for example. If you have such services connected to your domain name, you will pay your web hosting service for this.

Opt for e-billing

We advise you to opt for billing by e-mail. This will not only help you reduce your environmental impact by avoiding paper bills, but also save SEK 25 per bill.

We will raise administrative costs SEK 25. The first invoices with the rise sent out on 8 June. Last June 6, you have to order and receive the invoice via e-mail