Register a domain

How to register a domain with us

If you are already a customer with us, you must first log into the DomainManager, through which you can subsequently conduct a new registration via our application form.

Log into the DomainManager

In the DomainManager, you can select a payment period. You can choose to pay between one and ten years at a time. This is written three sentences below.

As a new customer, if you would like to register a domain name with us, click on “Register new domain,” below. When you enter your contact information, you can also select a payment period, which you can read more about here.

Register a new domain

Applications will be processed in the order in which we receive them. When we have processed your application, we will inform you by e-mail. If the domain name that you have selected was misspelled in the registration process, this can be corrected. You can cancel the registration by contacting us to change the spelling.

Those of you who are in the process of registering a new .se domain name can find advice here.  Did you know that you can register domains with å, ä, ö, é or ü? Read more about that here.

As a .SE Direkt customer, you are contributing to the development of the internet

We offer a flexible and stable alternative for those who want to freely select a provider of optional services including e-mail services and web hosting services, or for those who want to manage their own name servers.

.SE Direkt is part of IIS – The Internet Foundation In Sweden, which is in charge of the internet’s top-level Swedish domain .se, and all of the proceeds from the revenues are invested in operations that promote the positive development of the internet. By creating benefit for all holders of .se domains and other Internet users, all of our customers thus contribute to the development of the internet in Sweden.

Terms and rules

Read more about our rules and terms for the registration of domain names here.