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In our web-based DomainManager interface, those of you who have a domain name registered with us can administer most aspects of the domain, such as changing your address, choosing optional services or cancelling your domain.

You can log into the DomainManager here. Feel free to use the instructions in the help section of the DomainManager to make your changes.

If you prefer to complete a form to perform an update for a domain name, here is a list of our forms:


Address update

You can update your address by logging into your account in the DomainManager or by completing the form above and we will perform the update for you.



If you are not interested in retaining your domain name, you can log into your account in the DomainManager and deregister the domain name or complete the cancellation form above. Please note that e-mail addresses and internet sites that are linked to your domain name will no longer function if you cancel the domain name.

The cancellation will come into effect within a few days and you will no longer have any bills, reminders or e-mail.

Optional services

We offer an array of free optional services for our customers that facilitate the administration of your domain name. Read more about our free services here.

Assignment of domain names

To conduct an assignment of domain name, you must complete and submit an assignment of domain name form. Please note that you must also initiate the assignment of domain name in the DomainManager. Read more about the assignment of domain names here.