Logging in with a certificate


A certificate makes it easier to log into the DomainManager. When your certificate has been installed, instead of having to remember your customer number or password, you can simply log in with a click. Using a certificate, you can also have several users in the organization who log into the same account using unique certificates.

You can read about how to get started here.


• Is it more secure to log in using a customer number and password?

Generally speaking, it cannot be claimed that a certificate is more secure. The security of a certificate is influenced by an array of factors such as how the digital identity is linked to a natural person.

• Can I have several certificates linked to the same account?

Yes, that is fine.

• Is it more expensive to use certificates to log in?

IIS does not charge for this service. However, the issuer of the certificate may (refer to the following question) charge a fee for the certificate.

• How do I obtain a certificate?

Contact the issuer of the certificate. .SE currently only accepts certificates issued by CAcert. CAcert does not charge a fee for its certificates.

• Why can I only use certificates from CAcert? Aren’t there more suppliers to choose among?

We have elected to begin with CAcert because they make it easy to obtain a certificate and are free. This allows all those who want to try logging in with a certificate in the DomainManager to do so. We will ultimately also use certificates from other issuers.

• What is the difference between certificates with and without administrator rights?

If you log in with an administrator certificate, you can administer your account, including such tasks as updating account settings and adding or removing other certificates. This cannot be done if you log in using a certificate without administrator’s rights.
The first certificate that is added to an account will automatically receive administrator’s rights. For other certificates, you must check the “Administrator” box when you add them to ensure that they are given administrator’s rights.

• Should I disable password logins when I have added my certificate?

This is a decision that each customer must make on their own. Disabling this ability reduces the risk of an unauthorized party gaining access to the login information and logging into your account.

• What do I do if my certificate stops working? If it is not longer valid?

Contact the issuer to renew the certificate, or obtain a new certificate with the same identity. You can then once again log into the DomainManager. If this is not possible and if you have locked your account for logins, our customer service can help you unlock your account.

• I am trying to import another account but have failed to do so. What is the problem?

This could be due to several factors. One possibility is that the account that is to be imported had its password-login function disabled, thus only allowing the account to be accessed with a certificate. In this case, you must first log into the account and activate the password-login function before proceeding to import the account.