Contacts in the DomainManager


To administer domain names in the DomainManager, you can appoint three different contacts who have different authorization levels. As the domain holder, if you would like to manage the administration of your domain names on your own, you do not need to appoint any contacts.

As the holder of a .se domain, you can use different types of contact persons for your domain name if you lack the time or the knowledge to administer your domains.

A contact can only be appointed by request of the domain holder. A written contract, verification or an agreement must be provided upon request. The contacts perform their tasks by logging into their account in the DomainManager.

Instructions for how you as the domain holder can link contact persons to your domain name, or remove them, can be downloaded in PDF format. You can also read the instructions in the DomainManager’s help function if you log into your account.

In addition to the domain holder, who is always available, a domain name can have three types of contacts:

Administrative contact

An administrative contact person has essentially the same rights as the domain holder except that he or she cannot cancel the domain name or assign it to another person. In other words, the party who appoints an administrative contact person can delegate all day-to-day tasks to them.

In other words, if you have an account with a contact who holds the role of administrative contact for a domain name, this provides said party with administrative authority for the domain name.

Technical contact

A technical contact person can add and remove name servers to the domain.

Billing contact

A billing contact receives the bill on behalf of the domain holder and ensures payment of the annual fee.

In addition to the tasks described above, all contact persons can also update their own address and e-mail information in the DomainManager.

Different roles for different domains

A single contact person can hold different roles in relation to various domain names. For example, nothing prevents a contact person from being the billing contact for one domain name and the administrative contact for two others. A person can hold several roles for the same domain name.’

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