If you change web hosting services for your domain names, you must also redelegate the name servers that respond to your domain name in order for your website and e-mail to work online. The redelegation is performed in the DomainManager.

To redelegate your domain names, you must first contact your new web hosting service to find out what name servers you must delegate to.

How to change/add name servers for your domain name


When you have received information about the name servers from your Internet service provider, you add them in our DomainManager tool. You can read about this procedure in the help section.

A name server is often structured as follows:

And so forth.

Please note that the only information that needs to be entered is the name of the name server. Add one new name server at a time and subsequently remove the old name servers. A domain name cannot have more than five name servers.

When updating your name servers, it can take some time before the update takes effect on the internet.

When registering new domain names

In order to use a domain name for a website and e-mail addresses, for example, you must post the name servers that are to account for the domain name, which is known as redelegating the domain. Contact the provider with which you have/would like to have e-mail and web hosting services and they will give you information about what name server information you must enter for your domain name. Read more about how to delegate your domain here LINK.

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