Text message reminder

If you opt for our text-message service, we will send you a free reminder by text message a few days prior to your domain being at risk of being shut down due to the annual fee not being registered with us.

The text-message service is an optional service – you will continue to receive reminders by e-mail and traditional mail moving forward.

How do I acquire the text-message service?

You order the text-message in the DomainManager under “Account settings.” Only the holder of a domain name can opt for this service. Do you need help? You can read instructions on the procedure here.

What do I do if receive a text-message reminder, despite having paid?

If you receive a text-message reminder after having paid the annual fee, you can simply ignore it. If you are paying by BankGirot or PlusGirot, it can occasionally take three to five business days before the payment is registered with us.