Automatic address updates

To avoid missing a bill from us, it is important that we have your current address information. The easiest approach is to order the free Automatic address update service. This gives .SE Direkt automatic access to your new address information when you move or change your address.

At .SE Direkt, we regularly compare our customers’ address information (billing addresses) with that of the address registry maintained by Upplysningscentralen (UC), a Swedish credit information company. If you order automatic updates, we will have access to your new address from UC when you move and change your address.

How to order this service?

You order the updating of your address information via your account in the DomainManager. Automatic updates will then be made until you cancel the service.

To order automatic address updates:

1. Log into the DomainManager
2. Go to the “Account settings” tab
3. Click on “Change account information”
4. Make your selection in the dropdown menu.
5. Click on “Update.”

Yes – Means that you want information from UC to automatically update your address for the contact that will be billed.

No – Means that your address will not be updated unless you update it yourself.

Yes, but I want to confirm it first – Means that you will receive an e-mail with instructions stating that you must approve the update in order to complete it. If you approve the update, we will update your address automatically the next time it is changed with UC as well. If you would once again like to receive an e-mail prior to this, you can choose the “Yes, but I want to confirm it first” setting under Account settings in the DomainManager.

If no order has been placed in the DomainManager and we detect that the UC’s address is different than ours, we will send an e-mail about this to the billing contact prior to sending out the bill to give them the opportunity to approve this update through the link in the e-mail. This will activate automatic address updates for the account for future billing. The update can also be approved while logged into the DomainManager.