Optional services


As a .SE Direkt customer, you can select an array of free services that facilitate the administration of your domain name.

You select the optional services in the DomainManager. You can also complete a form and submit it to us and we will perform the update on your behalf.

Multi-year payments

As a .SE Direkt customer, you can choose to pay the annual fee for your domain name for several years at a time, from one to ten years. This is an attractive alternative for those of you who know that you want to have a domain name for a long time and want to avoid annually reregistering it. This is also an environmentally friendly alternative since you reduce your paper bills. If you need to deregister the domain name prior to the end of the payment period, you will be reimbursed for the year(s) that have not begun. Read more about multi-year payments here.

Text-message reminder

If you select our text-message service, you will receive a free text-message reminder a few days before your domain is in risk of being shut down due to the payment of the annual fee not being registered by us. Read more about the text-message service here.


Receiving your bill by e-mail is the simplest and most environmentally friendly way of managing your billing. If you opt for e-billing you also save SEK 15, excluding VAT, which would otherwise have been added as a surcharge for receiving your bill by traditional mail. Read more about e-billing here.

Automatic address updates

Having the correct address registered with us is important to avoid missing a bill. We regularly compare our customer’s address information with the address registry maintained by Upplysningscentralen (UC), a Swedish credit information company. By using this optional service, we automatically gain access to your new mailing address when you move and change your address. Read more about automatic address updates here.


DNSSEC is a service that makes the internet more secure by making it more difficult to manipulate information that traffics the domain name system. Using DNSSEC, DNS lookups are cryptographically signed, thus ensuring that the response truly does originate from the right source and has not been changed during transmission.

In other words, DNSSEC makes a domain more secure to use, and for your domain name, DNSSEC can be seen as a service to those who visit your site. You can obtain DNSSEC from your web hosting service or your name-server operator, provided that they offer the service and that their name servers also support DNSSEC. Generally speaking, your web hosting service handles key management, although if you have your own name servers, you can naturally manage this on your own, in which case you do this in the DomainManager, where you publish DNSSEC keys.

We offer DNSSEC free of charge, though a name-server operator may charge for use of the service. Read more about DNSSEC on .SE’s website.