Gather your domains in a single account

By gathering your domains under a single account, you can facilitate the administration of your domain names in the DomainManager. In this case, you will receive a point of login from which you can administer all of your domains from the same account.

To import the domain names to the same account, they must be registered to the same personal identity number or corporate registration number.

You can import your accounts via the DomainManager. You can read about the procedure in the help section.

The following information will be included when you import domain names

  • All domains will be imported
  • Your contacts will be imported
  • All messages will be imported
  • All domain history will be imported

Please note that the account that you import will be deleted. In other words, you will NO LONGER be able to use the imported account.

When you import your accounts to a single account, all of your contacts will be included, meaning the domain holder contact, technical contact, administrative contact and billing contact, if you have any linked to your domains. You can see the contacts in the form of a contact ID. An example of how a contact ID is structured: abcdef0702-00001.

Link your domains to a single contact

Since you will receive several domain holder contacts, you can link your domains to a single contact. You can read about how to link the domains to the same domain holder contact (change domain holder contact) and how to unlink and link contacts in the help section of the DomainManager.

When you have linked your domains to the same domain holder contact, you can delete the others. You cannot change the domain holder contact if the domain has an unpaid bill, meaning that the domain is up for renewal. In this case, you can administer this when the bill has been paid.

Domains that are registered in the same month, are in the same account and are linked to the same contact will automatically be collectively billed. If you would like to have separate bills the domains must be linked to different contacts.