Common questions


Here we have gathered frequently asked questions and answers concerning the administration of domain names.

Frequently asked questions and answers

How do I obtain my password for the DomainManager?

1. Go to the DomainManager and click on the “Request login information” tab in the menu on the left.

2. Enter your domain name and your e-mail address or your customer number in the form. When you have done this, further instructions will be sent by e-mail. You create your own password using the information in the e-mail.

Please note that you must enter the same e-mail address that you have registered with us. If you are not certain what e-mail address this is, or if you are unable to access it, you must submit the e-mail address update form.

How do I change the address that is listed in your register?

1) Log into your account in the DomainManager.

2) Click on the “Contact information” tab in the menu on the left.

3) Click on “Change contact information” at the bottom of the page.

4) When you are done, click on “Update.”

What does automatic address changing entail?

We regularly compare our customers’ address information with the information listed in the address registry of Upplysningscentralen (UC), a Swedish credit information company. You can order an automatic update, meaning that if your address changes with UC it will automatically be changed by us as well.

You can order an update of your address information through your DomainManager account. The automatic update will be carried out thereafter until you cancel the service via the DomainManager. If you make the order before the 7th of the month, your information will be updated in the forthcoming month. Once you are logged in, the procedure is as follows:

1) Go to the “Account settings” tab.

2) Click on “Change account information.”

3) Make your selection in the dropdown menu.

4) Click on “Update.”

Yes – Means that you want information from UC to automatically update your address for the contact that will be billed.

No – Means that your address will not be updated unless you update it yourself.

Yes, but I want to confirm it first – Means that you will receive an e-mail with instructions stating that you must approve the update in order to complete it. If you approve the update, we will update your address automatically the next time it is changed with UC as well. If you would once again like to receive an e-mail prior to this, you can choose the “Yes, but I want to confirm it first” setting under Account settings in the DomainManager.

How do I change the e-mail address that you have listed in your registry?

If you do not have an e-mail address in our registry or if the current address does not work, you can complete the form for manually updating the e-mail address. You can also change your email address via your account in the DomainManager.

1) Log into your account in the DomainManager.

2) Click on the “Contact information” tab in the menu on the left.

3) Click on the “Change contact information” at the bottom of the page.

4) When you are done, click on “Update.”

5) The e-mail address will be found in two places – you must also click on “Account settings” in the menu on the left and update it there.

What does it cost to have a domain registered with you? What is included?

The annual fee is currently SEK 270, including VAT.

.SE Direkt does not offer any optional services, such homepages or e-mail, which you must instead acquire and pay for from another service provider.

Read more about our costs here.

What does a multi-year payment entail? What is the advantage of choosing this?

This means that you can choose to pay the annual fee for your domain name for several years at a time. You can choose the multi-year payment plan for a period of one to ten years.

You make your selection in the DomainManager.

If you have had your domain name for a long time and would like to safeguard it, a multi-year payment option could be a favorable alternative for you. There are several advantages:

• You do not need to risk missing any payments – reliable!

• Multi-year payments are favorable if there are price increases in the future.

• It is environmentally conscious.

• If you were to have to deregister the domain name prior to the end of the payment period, you will be reimbursed for the year(s) that you have not commenced.

Read more about multi-year payments here.

What does e-billing entail?

It means that we will e-mail you the bill for the annual fee instead of sending it to you by traditional mail. It is the most environmentally friendly alternative and you also avoid the billing fee of SEK 25 (including VAT), which is charged for traditional mail.

You can opt for e-billing on the first page when you log into your account in the DomainManager. You will find a step-by-step description here.

What does the text message service entail?

If you opt for our text message service, we will send you a free reminder by text message a few days before your domain is at risk of being deactivated (shut down due to not receiving the annual fee/annual fees).

You can opt for the text message service by logging into your account in the DomainManager.

Click on “Account settings” and select “Activated” in the dropdown list for the text message service.

Read more about our text message service here.

How do I get started with my domain?

In order to use a domain name for a website and e-mail addresses, you must list the name servers that will be connected to the domain name. This is known as delegation/redelegation. We do not offer optional services, such as web and e-mail services, which you must instead contact a web hosting service for.

You can add and remove a name server for your domain name through your account in the DomainManager.

You can find more information about how to delegate your domain here.

My domain is registered to the wrong corporate registration number/personal identity number – how do I change it?

To change a corporate registration number or personal identity number that is listed as the holder of a domain name, you must perform an assignment of domain name, meaning change the holder.

Complete information is available here.

I have several domain names connected to various customer numbers. How can I facilitate my administration? I only want one customer number.

You can gather domains that are registered to the same corporate registration number or personal identity number under a single account/customer number. You import your accounts as follows:

1) Log into the DomainManager.

2) Go to “Account settings.”

3) Click on the “Other accounts” tab.

4) Click on “Import” for the account you want to import.

5) State your password for the account that you want to import.

6) If you do not know the password for your other account, click on the “Request login information” link for the chosen account. An e-mail with instructions about how to create your password will then be sent to the applicable e-mail address for the account that you want to import.

7) Click on “Import.”

You have now imported the desired accounts to the account that you were logged into from the beginning.

The account that you have imported will be deleted.

The importation process also allows you to retain your past contacts. Now, you can also change your own domain holder contact and have all of your domains connected to the same contact. Simply follow these directions:

1) Click on the “Domains” tab in the menu on the left.

2) Click on the domain for which you want to change the holder contact.

3) Click on “Change your own domain holder contact” at the bottom of the page.

4) Choose the domain holder contact that you want to associate the domain with from the dropdown menu.

5) Click on “Execute change.”

When the contact from which you are changing no longer has any association with a domain, you can delete the contact from your account.

Please note! If a bill has been created that is addressed to one of your contacts, you cannot change your own domain holder contact until the bill has been paid.

How do I go about moving my domain from you to another registrar? (Reseller) They say that I need an authcode/EPP code/authorization code?

If you would like to change registrars, you need an authorization code (EPP code), which you subsequently submit to your new registrar.

1) Log into your account in the DomainManager.

2) Click on “Domains.”

3) Click on the domain name for which you would like to request an authorization code (EPP code). Please note that only the holder of the domain name is authorized to request an authorization code in the DomainManager.

4) Click on “Generate authorization code (EPP code).”

5) Click on “OK” in the message window that appears.

6) The code will now appear on the screen.

7) Copy and save the code to be able to provide it for your new registrar.

Please note that any and all contacts (administrative, technical and/or billing contacts) will be disconnected from the domain name in conjunction with the change of registrar. If you want to add an administrative, technical and/or billing contact after the switch, please contact your new registrar.

Also note that if the domain is unpaid when you move, you must renew it with your new registrar.

How do I go about moving my domain from another registrar to .SE Direkt?

1) Contact your current registrar and ask them for an authorization (EPP) code for the domain name concerned.

2) Go to the DomainManager.

3) Click on “Change of registrar.”

4) Complete the form to change your registrar to .SE Direkt.

5) Read and accept the terms of the agreement.

6) Click on “Execute.”

7) You will receive confirmation of the change by e-mail with the subject header “New account created.” When the change has been finalized, you will receive an account in .SE Direkt’s DomainManager.

When you switch to us, a new account/customer number will be created. If you already have one or more accounts with us, we recommend that you import these so that you have your domains gathered in a single account.

How do I cancel my domain name?

If you want to cancel your domain name, you can choose among three methods to do so:

1) Log into your account in the DomainManager and deregister the domain name.

2) Complete the deregistration form and submit it to us

3) Do not pay the bill for the annual fee for the domain name. Since the payment pertains to the forthcoming year, you are not obligated to pay the bill.

You will find further information here.