Change of holder

If you have a .se domain name with .SE Direkt that you do not want to keep but that someone else wants to take over, you can transfer the domain name to them.

If you transfer a domain name to another party, we will move the domain name from your account to the new domain holder’s account. In other words, please note that the party to whom you want to transfer the domain name must have an account in the DomainManager. The new domain holder can either be a natural person or legal entity.

How do I change the domain holder for my domain name?

You arrange for transfer of a domain name in the DomainManager and by submitting a signed form. Please note that you must perform both of these steps for the transfer to be completed.

You will find information about this procedure here:

Please note that you can only perform a transfer of domain name with .SE Direkt if you have us as your registrar/reseller.

Transfer of deactivated domain names


You cannot transfer a domain name that has been deactivated due to a request by the current domain holder that the domain name be deregistered.

In the event of a transfer, the domain’s due date will remain the same. If the transfer is performed in the middle of a billing period (and the bill for the annual fee for the domain is unpaid), a new bill will be created for the new domain holder. If the domain name is at risk of being deactivated because its registration period has not yet been renewed, the deactivation date will not be changed even if the new bill receives a new due date.