Change of address


You can change your address by logging in to your account in DomainManager.

To log in to the DomainManager, you need your .SE Direkt customer number and password. If you do not have this information on hand, you must request a new password before you are able to proceed. Instructions for requesting a new password, as well as more detailed information about logging in to the DomainManager, can be found on the DomainManager start page.

Alternatively, fill in the address form, and we will do the update for you.

Automatic address updates

To avoid missing a bill from us, it is important that we have your current address information. The easiest approach is to order the free Automatic address update service. This gives .SE Direkt automatic access to your new address information when you move or change your address.

You are now able to order register maintenance automatically to ensure that all notifications are sent to the correct address. .SE Direkt regularly updates its customers’ addresses in the Swedish Credit Information Center’s address register, provided that the customers have given their approval in their account settings.

You can order an update of your address information through your account in DomainManager. Automatic updates will thereafter be carried out until such time as you cancel the service through the DomainManager. If you submit an order prior to the seventh day of the month, your information will be updated in the following month. Here you find information on how to log in to your account in the DomainManager. When you are logged in please do as follows:

1. Go to the tab “Account Settings”

2. Click “Change account details”

3. Make your choice in the the drop down menu.

4. Click “Update”

Yes – Means that your billing address automatically will be updated with address information from UC ( a business and credit information agency).

No – Means that your billing address will not be updated unless you do it yourself.

Yes, but I want to confirm – This entails that you will receive an e-mail instructing you to approve the update for it to be completed. If you approve this update, we will automatically update your address the next time that it changes with Upplysningscentralen (a Swedish credit information agency) as well. If you would like to receive another e-mail before conducting the update, you must click the “Yes, but I want to confirm” option under Account settings in the DomainManager.

If you did not make an order, and the address UC have is different from the one we have, you will receive an e-mail before we send you the notification. In the e-mail we inform you about the difference and that you approve the update when you are logged into your account in the DomainManager and also how you do it:

1. Select “Messages” in the menu on the left.

2. Click on the e-mail relating to the address update.

3. You approve the update by clicking the “Accept request” at the bottom of the message.