Collective billing

When you have registered several domain names, you will automatically receive a collective bill based on the following prerequisites:

  • The domain names are listed in the same account (same customer number).
  • The domain names are linked to the same contact.
  • The domain names are registered in the same month.

It is easy to link your domain names to the same account and/or contact in the DomainManager.

Import the domain names to the same account

If you have several domain names in various accounts and want to gather them under a single account, meaning import accounts, you can read about the procedure here.
(Please note that they should be registered to the same personal identity number/corporate registration number)

Link the domain names to the same contact

When you import your accounts, your contacts will also follow. You can then link the domains to the same domain holder contact if you wish. Read about this procedure here.

When the contact that you are changing from no longer has any link to the domain, you can delete the contact from your account. You cannot delete the contact the contact has a bill outstanding, in which case the bill must first be paid.

Separate bills

If you want to have your domain names gathered under a single account, but still want separate bills, you can link them to different domain holder contacts (you only need to do this for domains that are registered in the same month. Read about this procedure here

Please note that you must link new contacts prior to the start of the billing period, meaning before the 15th of the month prior to the billing month.