Change to e-billing

Would you like to receive your bill by e-mail? It is the simplest, most effective and, without a doubt, the most environmentally friendly way of managing your billing. Just follow these directions:


Log into your account in the DomainManager and click on “Account settings.”


Start by clicking on “Change account information.”


Please check that we have the right e-mail address for you. If not, please enter the e-mail address to which we should send the bill.


Then select “E-mail” in the dropdown list for billing methods end by clicking on the “Update” button.


You are now finished and we will send you the next bill by e-mail.

If you need a separate e-mail address for e-billing, please do as follows:
1. Create a new account here. Choose whether the account is for a private individual or a company.
2. Enter the information and select E-mail as your billing method.
3. Click on Create account.
4. An e-mail will then be sent to the address that you provided stating your new customer number and your new contact ID. Information about how to create the password for this account will also be included.
5. Then you log into the domain holder account and link the new contact to the domain. (Refer to the instructions under Accounts/Contacts in the help section of the DomainManager.)