Billing flow for annual fee

Normal bill for annual fee(s) for domain names

The domain names that you have registered during the same month will automatically be collectively billed, provided that they are listed in the same account and are linked to the same contact.

  • An e-mail concerning the forthcoming bill will be sent to the billing recipient (*) between the 23rd and the 29th of the month prior to the billing month, informing the recipient that the bill will be received the following month.
  • The bills are sent out by Svea Ekonomi, which generally does so the first weekday after the 8th of every month.
  • Four to six days after the due date, a reminder will be sent by e-mail to the billing recipient.
  • About ten days after the due date, a reminder will be sent by traditional mail.
  • About ten days after the reminder letter, one final reminder e-mail will be sent, known as final notice, to the domain holder informing them about deactivation. The e-mail address is the one that the domain holder has personally listed, such as info@domä, domän@domä, postmaster@domä or hostmaster@domä
  • Following this is a deactivation period of 60 days. The domain name is subsequently deactivated and the domain becomes available for other interested parties.

(*) The billing recipient is the domain holder or a payment intermediary (billing contact) chosen by the domain holder. The e-mail address that .SE Direkt uses in conjunction with billing is the e-mail address that was chosen in conjunction with registration, an e-mail address that was updated via the DomainManager or the payment intermediary’s e-mail address.


Final notice prior to deactivation

Svea Ekonomi handles billing on behalf of .SE Direkt. If the annual fee/annual fees have not been paid despite receiving the bill and the reminder (annual fee(s) +SEK 25 that were sent by e-mail and, when necessary, subsequently also by traditional mail), a so-called final notice will also be sent out. This notice informs the holder that the domain may be deactivated (temporarily shut down) unless the annual fee/annual fees are paid. Information for those who have received final notice:

  • Final notice means that we will deactivate and subsequently deregister the domain name unless payment is received. In the event of deactivation, neither the website or e-mail addresses that are linked to the domain name will work online.
  • A domain name will be deactivated for 60 days prior to being deregistered (following deregistration, a domain name is quarantined for a period, during which it is no longer possible to renew the domain name). After deregistration and the quarantine period (7 days), the domain name will be released and available for registration again.

If you have received final notice despite have paid the annual fee, you should contact customer service.

Payment: If you have received final notice and wish to renew your domain name, the bill is in the payment recipient’s account in the DomainManager, where payments can also be made by credit card, in which case payment is registered immediately. Please note that the annual fee/annual fees for the domain name do not include any services that are linked to your domain name, such as websites and e-mail.