Billing and payment

The annual fee for a domain name is SEK 216, excluding VAT (SEK 270 including VAT).

We have a partnership with Svea Ekonomi for billing services. The payment of the annual fee for the continued registration of domain names can only be made to one of Svea Ekonomi’s listed account numbers:

  • Nordea, Box 117, SE-117 22 Solna, Sweden
  • PlusGirot Sweden, SE-105 06 Stockholm
  • Bank account number: 5557-7175
  • Plusgirot number: 48 96 003-3
  • Swift/BIC code: NDEA SESS
  • IBAN no.: SE59 9500 0099 6042 0194 9031

How can I make my payment to you?

  • Credit card

In the DomainManager, you can pay by Visa, MasterCard and Eurocard. The payment will be registered immediately.

  • Bill

You make your payment to one of Svea Ekonomi’s account numbers, see below. It can take up to five business days (even longer if you pay from abroad) for your payment to be registered if you pay by this method.

How will the bill be sent to me?

In consideration of the environment, we prefer to send bills by e-mail. You can also receive it by traditional mail. Log into your account in the DomainManager and click on “Account settings.” There is a dropdown list in which you chose the method by which you would like to send the bill. See the instructions for e-billing here. Remember that billing changes can be made until the 7th of the billing month!

Multi-year payments

As a .SE customer, you can choose to pay the annual fee for your domain name for several years at a time, from one to ten years. Read more about multi-year payments here.

How do I know when you have received my payment?

The easiest way is to go to .SE’s website,, and enter your domain name under Search for an available web address, where you can also see the current due date. It can take three to five days before a payment is registered.

Last second payment?

If your domain has been deactivated (shut down) and is at risk of being deregistered, you should pay by card when logged into your account in the DomainManager, ensuring that your payment is registered immediately.

If your domain has been deactivated, the deregistration date will be posted in the DomainManager or on .SE’s website where you can search for the domain name.