.SE Direkt is part of .SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation) and is thus involved in the overall environmental efforts conducted by .SE. .SE wants to contribute to a more sustainable society by limiting its environmental impact as much as possible. We offset the carbon emissions that we create in our operations while simultaneously striving to reduce our impact on the environment in various ways.

Since 2007, we have been conducting a proactive environmental effort based on an environmental policy that was jointly formulated by our employees. Since then, a host of improvements have been implemented to reduce our negative impact on the environment in terms of cleaning, transportation and food, for example. All employees are offered a yearly SL Access card on Stockholm Public Transport as an employment benefit to encourage them to leave their cars at home and travel by mass transit instead.

Climate analysis

In 2009, the next stage of IIS’s environmental work was launched, which involved a climate analysis of the company’s operations in cooperation with the Natural Step and U&We and since then we do climate analysis every second year. The last one was made in 2012 and revealed for example that our environmental impact was reduced from 500 to 266 tons of carbon dioxide in two years. If you look at the carbon footprint per employee and per domain, the numbers have been reduced even further, by more than half. Our total energy use has fallen by 30 percent since 2010, mainly through the slave server operations have been reviewed and streamlined.

Climate compensation for IIS’s environmental impact

After IIS’s latest climate analysis in 2012 we did a climate compensation during 2013 for our emissions from operations. The compensation was localized to the Plan Vivo project Trees of Hope in Malawi and was done in cooperation with small farmers who plant trees in small-scale agriculture.

Payment notice by email

2010 .SE Direkt, started a promotion where customers were offered to get their payment notice on email instead of by mail. For every person who said yes, SEK 2.50 were donated for the planting of new rainforest. In total it was nearly SEK 35 000 that where used to plant new trees in Uganda and Mexico. Since then all customers are offered to get the payment notice by email and in 2013 the number of customer accounts that had choosen payment notice by email instead of payment notice by paper had rised with 10 000. Since September 2011 .SE Direkt are also offering several years payment, anywhere from 2 – 10 years. This also helps to reduce the number of paper payment notices.