Securing multiple domain names

You can have many domain names pointing toward the same site. This is convenient if, for example, your name, company or organization is easy to misspell, or if you have å, ä or ö in the name you wish to register.

Anyone can register a free .se domain – it is a first come, first serve principle. Unfortunately, there are dishonest people who try to earn money through registering other people’s names and then contacting them with the offer to buy the domain for a high price. Therefore, it may be wise to buy several domains that all point to the same website.

Since 2003, it is also possible to register .se domains with the characters å, ä and ö, as well as é and ü. In 2007, characters that appear in the official Swedish minority languages were also added: Finnish, Meänkieli (Torne Valley Finnish), Sami, Romany and Yiddish. At the same time, characters of other Nordic languages became possible to use in .se domains. This is a variable to take into account when registering your domain names.